When we drive by well designed houses, it's dangerous for me to be the driver. My head turns because I love and am inspired by beautiful homes. 

I was born in Connecticut, grew up in Washington State, spent time in Eretz Israel, married in Monsey, and started a community with my wife, family, and Rabbi Shmuel Gluck in Hillburn, New York.

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Laibel schwartz

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I grew up redesigning my room in the middle of the night. I would quietly draw out my new floor plan, and drag my furniture around before going to bed. Now, I just rearrange our office.

I love photographing weddings because I know that as a photographer, I have the ability to make someone's day great. I remember my wedding day, and want to give my all to every bride.

My other secret passion is cooking. My mother-in-law used to call me a gourmet chef. Now we laugh because I hardly have time to make supper at all.

Our wedding was September 2nd, only 7 days before Rosh Hashana. It was busy, and it was meaningful, and it meant that that year we spent all of the holidays together as newlyweds.

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Our wedding was perfect. We married each other, and Chana loves the ring sitting on her finger. Other than that, it wasn't the dream wedding we could have hoped for in the "dream wedding" world. Since we got married, Chana has learned a lot about hair stylists, makeup and makeup artists, wedding styling, and what matters. But honestly, the biggest piece of advice we can offer is to surround yourselves around people who are pleasant, helpful, and will help add meaning to your day.

Laibel & Chana, and everyone on our team, strive to break all preconceived notions and provide beautiful imagery that we create while making our couple feel calm and comfortable on an otherwise potentially stressful day. We start by getting to know you better, learning what your wedding vision is, and what makes you two tick. 


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